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”Thank you for being a loyal My Forex Heatmap subscriber.

The new name of the service is My Market Heatmap (™) 

We have improved the site and added new features to help you have powerful tools at your disposal to master all markets.

The new clean, modern interface is user-friendly and mobile enabled.

Heatmaps are separated into asset classes, Crypto, Stock Indices, Commodities and Forex as well as an All Asset Heatmap!

Curated tools including Quotes Board, Economic Calendar, Forex Liquidity, Forex Volatility, Forex Correlations and much more!

In addition, there are $9700 in bonuses including private coaching, advanced training videos, VIP Trading Community and much more.

For a limited time only, Lifetime access will be offered for the next two weeks for $19.99. This is 90% savings!

A very special thank you to Lifetime Platinum subscribers, please email greg@elitetradersu.com to obtain your free access coupon and $600 value bonus Addon Credit. You can also Skype Greg directly at gregory.mcleod.fxtrader

The Bonus Addon credit can be used to get free access to our latest Addons that appear in the Account Dashboard.

You will be taken to www.mymarketheatmap.com in 60 seconds.

Click link to be taken to the page. Thanks again! See you on the other side”

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