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What is My Forex Heatmap™?
My Forex Heatmap ™ is a visually powerful market scanner that instantly shows which of the 28 Forex currency pairs, global stock market indices, and commodities are trending up, down, or sideways.
What do the colors indicate? When financial trading instruments are trending higher, the tile turns green and moves dynamically, towards the top of My Forex Heatmap ™. We would more likely to get long instruments that are in the green zone.

When financial instruments are trending lower, then the tiles change to red and the instrument is moved down to the lower part of the My Forex Heatmap™ display. We would be more likely to get short instruments that are in the red zone.

When these tiles flash yellow, it means that they are currently active and there is market interest in that instrument. We would be more likely to keep an eye on those that are flashing yellow and moving in trend either towards the top of My Forex Heatmap ™ or towards the bottom.

When a financial instrument changes grey, it means that the pair is just ranging and not trending. We would be more likely to stay away and either wait for the financial instrument to move out of the grey zone and either the red or the green zone. This indicates a breakout that could lead to larger move.

How can My Forex Heatmap ™ help me in my trading?
How do I get started?
First, watch all of the eight Quick Start videos from beginning to end. Make sure your cell phone and television are off and you are free from other distractions so you that you can focus on the material. Open a demo account and begin practicing trading. Make a list of the top 5 and bottom 5 instruments and place trades according to good money management and risk principles. When you feel you are ready, open a live account with one of our broker partners and repeat what you practiced in demo using the smallest possible position size. As you gain more confidence and are satisfied with your results, increase your position size but make sure you are not risking more than 2-3% of your account on any single trade.

How long is the membership?
Typical memberships last 30 days (monthly) or 12 months (annual). Memberships auto-renew unless canceled by the subscriber.

When can I cancel?
You can cancel at anytime, however cancelation takes place immediately. There are no prorated subscriptions or refunds for unused subscription time. Email myforexheatmap@gmail.com to cancel your subscription

Is this a long term or short-term trading tool?
You can use this as a short-term entry tool to take positions that are in line with larger trends lasting several days. My Forex Heatmap ™ can be used to for short-term trades that last hours or minutes as well.

Who is this My Forex Heatmap™ for?
My Forex Heatmap ™ is designed for anyone who wants to simplify their analysis and save time. If you are new to trading with little or no experience, there are 17 educational videos to help you learn the basics of Forex Trading. If you are a more seasoned trader, My Forex Heatmap ™ is a powerful addition to you your trading routine. You can find which pairs are trending quickly and avoid being stuck and financial instruments that are not moving. This saves you hours of time while showing you many more strong setups.

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